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DoggingBook is the UK's premium dogging site to meet strangers for casual sex in your local area.  Easily connect with other people from all over the United Kingdom looking for outdoor dogging fun in local carparks and other popular dogging locations.

With over a million members already signed up, you will easily be able to connect with people from all over the United Kingdom looking for outdoor dogging action in local carparks and other popular dogging locations.


DoggingBook - The Best Way to Meet Local Doggers for Outdoor Sex

If you’re looking to meet local doggers in your area, then DoggingBook is the best way to do it! We know that having sex outdoors is an exciting experience, and we want to help you find like-minded individuals in your area who enjoy this lifestyle just as much as you do.

Whether you're an experienced dogger and are just looking for more action, or have just seen the Channel 4 documentary 'Dogging Tales' and want to get involved in the action, you will find thousands of people on the site who are both experienced and new to the dogging lifestyle. 

Plus, we make it really easy - we’ve made sure that all the information you need can be found on our site in one convenient place! With DoggingBook, there’s no need to go out of your way to try and find a local dogging meet, after you join you will quickly meet other doggers who will show you some of the best dogging sites in the UK!

DoggingBook - Meet Strangers Outdoor Dogging Sex Today!
It's time you take control of your dogging sex life with DoggingBook, the fastest way to meet doggers who love outdoor sex.

This is the only dating site specifically for men and women who want no strings attached outdoor fun in local parks, carparks and popular dogging sites throughout the UK.

Whether you're looking for one off casual hookups or a regular meetings, signing up today will put you in touch with thousands of people who love dogging too and you'll find out what you've been missing! There are plenty of horny members waiting to meet up with people like you in your area right now, from Land's End to John o' Groats!

When you join up you will start making connections with the largest dogging community that'll make your outdoors experiences downright unforgettable!

Casual Outdoor Sex with Strangers
You've always been intrigued by the idea of casual outdoor sex with strangers. We've created a site where users can find other doggers for no-strings-attached sex outdoors.

If you love the idea of dogging, meeting up to have public sex with strangers in cars, parks, carparks and loads of other popular outdoor locations, then this is the site for you.  Let's admit it – who doesn't love outdoor sex with total strangers? 

Sometimes when you see a couple of people having sex in a car you might think it they are doing it in front of you as an invitation, but you can never be quite sure, but when you join a site like DoggingBook you can be sure that every encounter is an invitation to get involved!  

Once you join you'll find tons of hot men and women looking for outdoor sexual adventures, sometimes you might just be invited to watch, but usually you will get asked to participate! 

Discover Dogging Sex Sites Near You
Dogging is becoming increasingly more popular as people start joining online dogging sites like DoggingBook. On Doggingbook, people connect with other locals who enjoy outdoor sex in public spaces like parks, beauty spots, and even beaches! By knowing where these doggers are meeting at all times it makes finding horny adventures easier than ever before!

Whether you want to get involved in casual sex, group adventures, or just watch, you can find all the best locations and popular dogging sites either via other members or on our blog which lists the most popular outdoor sex sites doggers love to visit. DoggingBook offers a convenient way to get out of your comfort zone and find people who shares your enthusiasm for having sex in public places.

Meet People for Outdoor Group Sex and GangBangs
You've heard about dogging before, it's the hottest outdoor group sex craze people from all over the UK have been enjoying for the past couple of decades.

And it's all about meeting people for outdoor group sex and gang bangs!

That is what you can find on our site, DoggingBook. Our site lets you search through hundreds of local doggers in your area so that you don't have to keep meeting randoms at the park who aren't real doggers. No matter if you're looking for a quick threesome or a fully-fledged gangbang, this is the site to meet the horniest doggers in town!

We are the only site out there that gives you access to thousands of profiles from real women who love to get down and dirty in public with groups of strangers. They know they look hot when they fuck outdoors, but they also know they might catch some strange looks while doing it—that’s why they seek other doggers like themselves on our website! 

Once you’ve made contact with them on DoggingBook, get things started by suggesting a public location such as a local carpark or park, from there things will surely heat up quickly. Want to take things even further? Ask her if she’d be interested in joining an existing gangbang, or maybe start your own one.

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism
Do you enjoy showing off in front of others? Do you like the idea of someone watching you have sex? Perhaps you are a passionate voyeur, or a closet exhibitionist. Well, now is your chance to explore your fantasies with someone who shares those same interests. 

It might surprise you that some of the most popular sexual fantasies involve exhibitionism and voyeurism, so it won't be any surprise that dogging is so popular.  Having sex in public while others watch, or watching people engage in sexual acts is what dogging is all about!

Dogging involves exhibitionism and voyeurism, but it is also so much more as often you might start off by watching a couple having sex in their car, but then be invited to join in and it quickly becomes a threesome or even a gangbang.

It is well known that some dogging locations host regular gangbangs and are set up specifically for this purpose, so you can go out happily knowing there will be others seeking and doing the same thing. It sounds crazy, but sites like DoggingBook make it all possible.

By joining the best site on the web to meet local doggers you will be able to explore all your exhibitionist and voyeuristic fantasies with like-minded individuals.


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